Safety Training Programs

Women's Personal Safety AWARENESS Training - Law of the Jungle

Jodi's Network of Hope has researched Womens Safety training programs over the years and found most focus on instilling fear, teaching "defense" moves and selling weapons.

We believe the first (and most important) line of defense is a good offense, so we focus there.  We introduce a new concept of the 4 dimensions of awareness and showing you the power of CHOICE in every minute of your day.  We hope you leave our session with a whole new perspective on what it means to be safe and knowing how predators think we will always be one step ahead.

 To schedule a group class, please email:    

Children's Safety Training Program

We fund and operate the Jodi's Network of Hope, Inc.   "Safety Ambassador Network".   

We provide the training curriculum, materials & tools to our Safety Ambassador Schools, Regional Libraries,  and groups free of charge by request.  We supply our Safety Ambassadors with "The Safe Side"  stranger safety training program developed by Julie Clark and John Walsh.   We are also available to facilitate training if needed.  The award winning program is outstanding for elementary aged children.   We currently provide The Safe Side materials for over 6500 elementary aged children in Minnesota, the program has been donated to elementary schools and we have never declined a request for the program.  Email us today f you are interested in joining our Network of schools or organizations,  email: for more information.   

For more information on The Safe Side Program please visit
or visit Safe Side Stranger Safety - YouTube